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Rooftop Confessions

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Clay leaned back, closing his eyes to the setting summer sun and Will’s frustrated face. Plus, he hoped it would make it easier when he asked, “So, what is it?”

He heard Will slump down beside him, their hips touching. When Will didn’t say anything, Clay nudged him with this thigh. “Go on.”

Bits of cement tumbled to the roof as Will played the worn fragments. For a while, it was the only noise. Will cleared his throat. More gravel fell. “Remember how you said you’d always have my back?”

Clay opened his eyes and slid one arm behind his head to prop it up, furrowing his brow. “Yeah, of course I do.”

“I’m…I’m gonna need to call in that favor.”

Clay frowned and sat up. “What is it? Some guys giving you shit? Audrey isn’t still texting you dirty pics, is she?”

“No. No, it’s nothing like that.” Will looked away, over the tops of buildings and to the far horizon. “My mom kicked me out.”

“What the fuck?” Anger, and confusion, rose up, tightening his chest. “What the hell? Why?”

Will slowly turned his gaze to Clay. Met his stare with hard eyes. “Because I told her I was gay.”

“And she kicked you out for that? What a fuckin’ bitch!” He grabbed Will and hauled him into a hug.

He almost didn’t hear him whisper against his shoulder, “You’re not pissed. Or disgusted?”

“No, why the fuck would I be.” He squeezed tighter, keeping his friend safe, holding him together when he hiccuped a cry. “You’re my best friend, Will. I will always be here for you.”

There was a laugh mixed in with the noises Will was making. “Even if I check out your ass?”

Clay chuckled. “Man, I’d check out my ass.”

He held Will until the shaking stopped, not asking if it was tears or laughter. Letting Will keep that if he needed to. When he was done, they pulled apart and Clay thumped him on the shoulder. “All better?”

Will nodded. “We’re still… we’re still good?”

Clay rolled to his feet and offered his hand down to Will. “Absolutely.”

The End

© 2014 BL Dayhoff


Author: bldayhoff

A writer in the works.

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