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I know, I’ve been quiet.

I’ve mostly been busy with non-writing things, so I don’t want to bore you. But I did start attending a local writer’s group that my previous boss got into and when I left that company, he invited me to come (he’d invited me previously, but it felt odd to see him outside of work like that).

It’s a small group. And I’m in a small town. The group in general seems nice, but on my first night, one of the older gents, in response to hearing about queer literature, said, “What next, romance books for dogs?” Everyone else seemed a little horrified by it, so I take heart there. But I’m also pretty tentative on what I take now.

I mean, I wasn’t planning on taking hot sex scenes, but…

Also, After listening to some readings, romance feels so much else literature than what they write. I know romance can be great literature (with depths, blah blah blah), but I’m super nervous.

Thankfully, they only meet twice a month (one meeting is line/copy edits, one meeting is developmental), so I have a month to figure my shit out. And get over my nerves. Oi!


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