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I’m on the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads, and they have a flash fiction challenge, which I’ve taken part of. One time it was a cowboy with a little girl, so I wrote a short (100 word) piece.

Because it takes place LONG after Sometimes the Cowboy Falls, I’ve put it under the cut. Enjoy!

Blake wooshed his niece into the air, kissed her temple, and listened to the giggles as his scruff rubbed her soft skin.

“Don’t think she’s quite big enough to be riding that pony yet,” Ivan drawled from his perch on the fence.

He glanced over and leveled his best shut-the-hell-up look. Ivan smirked.

“Your sister said she wanted half an hour with Savanah not being underfoot. She didn’t say what to do with her.”

“So you decided to take her to the rodeo?”

“Not quite a rodeo.” He winked. “Anyway, how else is she going to meet a cute cowboy?”


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