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The Nerves Strike Back

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1. I’m terrible at social media…and I apologize. I’m putting it on my mid-year resolution list to get better at doing stuff. At least blogging, if nothing else.

2. I have exciting news! I have the email and the files all set to submit my next book. This one is over 40K and thus is an actual book rather than a novella. I’m a tiny bit nervous (you know, just a little) since I haven’t seen royalties for the first one so I have no idea what’s happening.

And yes, I could look at GoodReads and see what people are saying there…but I’m terrified to do that. Like…if they are saying bad things, do I want to know? Will it screw with my head and I’ll never write again? I think I’d rather see how big/small the royalty check is and base it off that. More than $20? Yay!

I know…I set such high goals for myself.

3. So everything is set up and ready to be sent, but I’m waiting a week to see if I want to read it one more time before sending it off. Or wait until after august (when theoretically royalties would come in). Or hunt down a beta reader and get another set of eyes on this. ALSO, this story is super sweet and very calm (hopefully not boring) compared to my last one. So I hope people like it!


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