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Research, Research, Research

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I’d like to say I’ve spent the last 13 days being extremely productive and doing lots of marketing research. But I don’t want to start this relationship off with a lot of lies…

I have been doing a bunch of writing (and getting some great feedback from the writers’ group!!) and…other things? Summer is so hectic!

As for marketing. I made a spreadsheet. It feels like the first great step in any sort of task. So I tracked down the places where my book has already been reviewed or mentioned (and then kept them in mind for future books), then started finding other blogs by searching for keywords. I found a few more. The spreadsheet is coming around. Progress!

I’m just glad all of this can be done from the comfort of my couch. Now, back in the day I suppose the publisher would handle all this, but with smaller publishers that can’t be promised. And it can’t hurt to be prepared to have to give your book that extra little push, right?


Author: bldayhoff

A writer in the works.

One thought on “Research, Research, Research

  1. Way to be productive. I hope all your research pays off.

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