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Well, I could be writing….

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I am writing. But I can’t write every minute of the day (as much as I wish I could). I just burn out that way. So I’m being crafty instead.

And before anyone yells at me, this book could probably have found a good home, but it’s an educational tool and likely would have ended up in the trash. Sad, but true.

So I found purpose for it. It’s going to be a hollow book on my shelf, likely holding some spare cash I have lying around.

IMG_0917And yes, the title is meant to be funny/ironic/something. The first step is to remove the cover. It’s probably possible to leave it on, but it’s more work than I care to do.


Also this book looks pretty nice without the cover, so I don’t feel too bad. Next you glue the back binding and all the pages together. I use a water/elmer’s glue mix to saturate the edges of the pages. You leave the top page free at this point.


Now comes the fun part! And by fun, I mean horribly repetitive and boring. But if you need some meditation activity or anger management, this might be the thing for you! Because you use an Xacto knife or utility knife to cut out the inside pages.


I just started, so I haven’t gotten very deep yet, but here you can see the progress I made in one day, and my cheap-ass utility knife. Cheap, but it works. More pictures to come as I finish this project (in all my free time…haha).


Author: bldayhoff

A writer in the works.

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