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Happy New Year!

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I’m only a little late, right?

I hope everyone had a good holiday and new year. Mine was rather hectic, as the family got sick, and sick, and sick. And then I got sick, sick, sick! It was nice to have the time off from work in order to recuperate, but it sure would have been more fun to be able to leave the house!

My writing has hit a bit of a speed bump, both because life has been busy and because I have too many ideas. I know this is a thing authors go through, where there a thousand good ideas, but we have to decide which one is good enough to be built into a book. Which ones are strong enough to be stretched and developed. And then we have to go develop them.

I find that I’ll be working on developing one idea, and then another pokes at me until I start paying attention to it. And then I go off…

Well, you see where this is going.

One goal for this year is to stop doing that. To jump on a project, chew it until it’s done, then send it off (to beta readers or publishers or whatever) and move on. Otherwise I’m going to end up with a million started projects that I want to “get back to” and one finished project.

My one plan for following through with this is to keep a list of story ideas that come upon me. Hopefully then the story will sit quietly and wait for me to finish my current project, then I can go back to it, review to see if it’s worthwhile, and move from there.

Anyone have any other suggestions on how not to get “oh shiny” syndrome?


Author: bldayhoff

A writer in the works.

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