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I’ve done a fair amount of reading in my day, but being an adult has kind of diminished that. I still want to read, but I tend to read for enjoyment (when I’m not trying to avoid reading things and getting other people’s characters stuck in my head).

One solution, I’m hoping, is to read short stories outside the genre I write in.

  1. The characters hopefully won’t get in my head NEARLY as much.
  2. If it’s short, I can finish it easily even if I don’t like it. And I can analyze what I did like/didn’t like about it. Not just that, but from a craft perspective, I can tear into the rising action, climax, falling action and all that boring school-learned stuff.
  3. I won’t have a pile of books looking at me in disappointment (because that’s a WHOLE ‘nother pile).

So I’m planning to read parts/all of The Best American Short Stories of 2006 (ed Ann Patchett). Why this one?

Well, to be honest I saw it at Goodwill and picked it up for $1. There are 20 stories, and while I’m going to AIM to read 2 stories a month…let’s just say I’m horrid at resolutions. So I’ll be happy if I read an analyze one story a month (and, hey, that’ll get me blogging at least once a month t00!).

Look forward to my first review/analysis at the end of the month.

Oh crap, that’s less than half a month away!


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