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January Update – February Goal

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As always, January flew by!

But I don’t feel too far behind, so I’m counting it as a win. I obviously read one story and wrote up an analysis (Woohoo!) so victory on that count. And I’m about halfway done my edits for my current project.

My word counts haven’t been great, but when I’m working on edits, I have all those fun characters playing in my head and no new ones want to come invade the space. But hopefully by mid-February I’ll have the edits done and be able to work on something new. You know, around all of life, which is where I get into trouble 😉

I see writers (not counting those who do this full-time) putting out thousands of words a week, and I’m just blown away. I’m just not that fast. Which I think is fine. I’ll probably never do this as a full-time gig. It’s just for fun, right? And I don’t want to reach a point where it’s not FUN. Which is why I write stories I enjoy. They might not be high literature, but I have fun writing them and hopefully the audience it reaches has fun reading them.

And so, I’m going to have fun telling you about my next project…

Once it’s out of my head and a little bit closer to being on paper!


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