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Revisions and Feedback

Not dead, just busy.

I’ve been really occupied with a short holiday story that I saw a prompt for. Originally I saw it and said, “Hey, being part of an anthology might be good exposure (and a little money), plus it’ll keep me thinking.”

I came up with a story, wrote it up, and felt DAMN good about it. I submitted it to my writers’ group and prepared myself for feedback. But I wasn’t quite as prepared as I had thought I was. Especially since the opening feedback was, “I like your writing but…”

They had some serious issues with my plot and story, and many of them I agreed with. Some of them I feel are a product of the genre. Most of them I know are my weaknesses in writing, so I was happy to work on them. Back to the drafting table. Huge revisions. Round two.

Round two actually went a lot easier. The tweaks were more like tweaks/additions rather than “you have a hugely problematic story element.” I’ve now gone through and made the suggested edits. Now I’m faced with two options: resubmit it to them to review (the poor bastards), or find a beta reader (or two).

The problem here is that I’m having trouble finding beta readers. I’m not very active on social media, and I don’t have a huge following, so right now my writers’ group is my main source of feedback. Part of me knows I need to change that, but most of me knows I’m pretty terrible at it. I’m trying.

So, if you’re interested in reading a 6K Christmas short and giving feedback, let me know!



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Step 1: Breathe

Edits on the Cowboy are done. I finished one read-thru and immediately did another and it seemed okay. I mean, I still did a good number of edits, but I wasn’t rewriting every sentence, so that’s good, right?



My problem right now is finding beta readers. I have my IRL friends, who would probably do it for me, but they’re not really in the genre and I feel weird always asking them. I know I need to get out there and get into the genre and probably join forums or whatnot, but I’m not sure I have the time and energy. So much else is distracting me from writing, I don’t want to add more. But I know there is a GoodReads group that has something with getting readers, so I may need to bite the bullet and sign up.

The other option is to just send it to the publisher as it is. And I guess if they decline then maybe I need to find beta readers, stat.

I’m probably going to do the latter, just because I’m not sure if I have the energy for getting involved in something else right now, since you can see I have trouble doing the few things I already do.