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Into Uncharted Waters…

Not necessarily for everyone, but definitely for me. And by this, I mean the world of self-publishing!

At the beginning of January I finally received nullification of my contract with my previous publisher, which landed my two stories in my lap much earlier than expected. I have mixed feelings, since I would have preferred the books stay with a publisher, but I also would have preferred to get royalties from that publisher. Either my books did terrible or accounting was…lacking. Either way I imagine they didn’t make a ton, so I’m not heartbroken.

And now I have the opportunity to step into self-publishing. While I may go the more traditional route with new books, these titles have the advantage of having been edited, so all I need to do is make a cover and load them. I’ll be doing KDP select, which means I only have to deal with one vendor, and I’ve heard authors have relatively good experiences there. I doubt I’ll do as well as some of them, but it doesn’t really hurt me to have them there either. (Plus I can buy a few hardback versions of the novel that should have been in hardback (per length) but was never.)

I’ve already put together one cover, and the second is mostly done (just need to sit and see if it still looks good tomorrow. One file is loaded, and I’ll make an announcement then. No blog tours or anything for these, I don’t think, since they’re (rather recent) reprints. And then I’ll see the results of just joining the program, with minimal advertising.